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Books, Written and Edited:

2013 Global Governance Innovation Report - CCIEE/UNDP, June 2013, contribution to the book, by Paul Heinbecker

The United Nations and the G20: Synergy or Dissonance by Paul Heinbecker in Leadership in Transition: Making the G20 More Effective and Responsive, Paul Heinbecker's contribution to the book edited by Colin Bradford, Brookings Institution Press, June 15, 2011  

Embassy Magazine's Top 20 Reads for 2010

Getting Back in the Game



2010, Paul Heinbecker, ISBN: 1554702984

In his most recent book, Getting Back in the Game, Heinbecker presents his compelling vision for the future of Canadian foreign policy—a future in which Canada can work both with the United States and apart from it; in which our government can take a stand and effect change on issues of the day, from climate change to the Middle East; in which this country has a key role to play in the rehabilitation of global governance.


Canada Among Nations", 2009-2010: As Others See Us, by Fen Osler Hampson and Paul Heinbecker, (McGill-Queen's University Press, 2010).

Canada and the Middle East: In Theory and Practice, 2007, Paul Heinbecker and Bessma Momani, eds. Wilfrid Laurier University Press, ISBN13: 978-1-55458-024-8

Irrelevant or Indispensable: The United Nations in the 21st Century, 2005, edited by Paul Heinbecker and Patricia Goff, published by the Wilfrid Laurier University Press, ISBN 0-88920-493-4

Heinbecker, Paul (2006), "A Canadian Is...a promissory note", in What is a Canadian? edited by Irwin Studin, (McClelland and Steward, 2006).

Heinbecker, Paul (2005), "The Way Forward," Conclusion in Irrelevant or Indispensable: The United Nations in the 21st Century, (Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2005).

Heinbecker, Paul (2004), "Canada Among Nations", Chapter 15: The UN in the Twenty-first Century: Canada Needs this Old Dog to Learn New Tricks, David Carment, Fen Osler Hampson and Norman Hillmer, eds, Canada Among Nations 2004: Setting Priorities Straight (Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2004).

Heinbecker, Paul (2004), "Kosovo" in The UN Security Council: From the Cold War to the 21st Century (Project of the International Peace Academy) by David M. Malone (David Malone: Lynne Rienner Publishers; 2004)

  1. Paperback: 745 pages; Dimensions (in inches): 9.00 x 1.50 x 6.00
  2. Publisher: Lynne Rienner Publishers; (February 1, 2004)
  3. ISBN: 1588262405

Heinbecker, Paul with Rob McRae (2001), "Chapter 4: Case Study - The Kosovo Air Campaign" in Human Security and the New Diplomacy: protecting people, promoting peace, Rob McRae and Don Hubert, eds (Montreal, McGill-Queen's University Press, 2001).

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Book Reviews:

    - Derek Burney, Getting it Done book review for Diplomat and International Canada magazine May-June 2005)

    - Jennifer Welsh, At Home in the World, book review for the Globe and Mail (September 2004)

    - Gwyn Dyer, Future Tense, book review for the Literary Review of Canada (January 2004)

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